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Local Belle Terre, NY Pool Owners Turn To Empire Pools for Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Throughout the years, a vinyl pool liner will get a hole or tear every now and then. You visited the local Empire Pools pool store in a panic and was relieved to know that you didn’t need a full vinyl pool liner replacement. A quick and simple repair was made and you didn’t need to drain the swimming pool. With help from a vinyl liner patch, you were able to make the fix. Problem solved and you most likely stopped a potential major pool leak.

Well, now some years have passed since that summer and the vinyl pool liner is showing its real age. You know it’s only a matter of time before a full vinyl pool liner replacement. It’s time to start doing your pool liner research.

Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement in Albertson, NY

How Long Does a Vinyl Pool Liner Last?

A vinyl pool liner needs to be replaced around 7 to 10 years. Of course that timeframe can vary depending on if your pool liner gets damaged along the way or if you did an outstanding job monitoring and maintaining its condition. As mentioned, a hole or tear in the liner can be patched but that is not a long term solution. Pool chemicals, the sun, and daily wear and tear can essentially weaken the liner and shorten its lifespan.

Evaluate Your Current Vinyl Pool Liner To See If It’s Time For Replacement

Since a pool liner will not just simply stop working at once, there is no actual date to replace. As it gets on in years, you just need to monitor it more often and consider a new liner before it’s an emergency repair situation and you need to scramble to find a pool repair company in Belle Terre, NY.

Typical signs that it’s time for a vinyl pool liner replacement are as follows:

  • Liner is already passed the 7 year mark
  • Larger holes and tears are visible
  • You know that the pool is leaking water
  • The current liner has dried out and feels brittle
  • You’ve already installed patches to seal up cracks

Selecting a Pool Liner Thickness, Pattern, Texture, and Colors

A vinyl pool liner replacement can be selected from a variety of depths, sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. The lining is affected by many elements including harsh chemicals and exposure to the sun so it’s important to shop around before you make your choice. Some of the vinyl pool liner replacements even come with UV protection against the Belle Terre, NY sunshine. A thicker pool liner does not necessarily last longer but it will provide more durability and resistance to tears. With that being said, a thicker pool liner will also be more expensive.

A vinyl pool liner comes in different patterns and textures. Patterns include tile, pebble, marble, and other designs that will look aesthetically pleasing along the edge of the pool above the water surface. The pattern and color you select needs to match the design and theme of the area surrounding your pool. You don’t want the patterns to clash with your patio design. Selecting a textured vinyl pool liner replacement adds slip resistance to the bottom floor of your swimming pool surface.

Choosing Among The Many Pool Liner Designs and Colors

Selecting a pool liner color is fun. Most pool owners in Belle Terre, NY select a liner in the blue family so you’ll be pleased to know that there are quite a few different light and dark blue shades to choose from. Other colors include green, grey, tan, and even black. The pool liner actually represents the color you would like your pool water to reflect. The way the light reflects on the pool also affects how the shade you select appears.

Hiring a Professional Suffolk County Pool Company To Handle Your Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

When you consider the importance of a pool liner, you know that a vinyl pool liner replacement must be handled with precision. In other words, a pool liner is to hold the pool’s water so a replacement may not be a do it yourself job performed by the pool owner. If you are considering a pool liner replacement at this time, it’s highly suggested that you contact a qualified and highly trained professional in Belle Terre, NY to handle the installation. Hiring a pool repair specialist in the Suffolk County area like the reliable team at Empire Pools ensures that you purchase the right type and size liner and that the installation is handled expertly.

What To Expect When Getting a Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement?

Installation involves shutting down the swimming pool equipment. The pool will be drained. The current liner, faceplates, and gaskets will be removed. The pool walls and floor will be inspected for cracks and other defects. If damage is found, repairs will be made. The pool bottom will be thoroughly cleaned. Liner foam will be installed on walls. The new liner will be placed on all sides of the pool and tucked into a track. Wrinkles will be removed. The pool’s main drain will be reinstalled. The pool water filling process will begin. Removed equipment will be reinstalled. When the liner is efficiently set in place, the pool system will be turned back on and adding the chemicals will be performed.

Lengthen Liner Longevity By Keeping Your Pool Liner In The Best Condition Possible

When the new liner is installed, you have the opportunity to maintain it better so it lasts even longer than it’s typical range. The most obvious should already be part of your weekly pool cleaning regime. Maintain balanced pool water chemistry including the pH level. Be sure to remove sharp branches from the pool. Limit the use of sharp pool toys and pool equipment. Don’t allow your pets to scrape their nails against the liner. Keep the pool filled with pool water to protect the liner from the sun and from drying out.

Are You Ready To Begin Your Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement Project in Suffolk County?

If it’s time for a pool liner replacement, you have options. You can visit your local pool store in Belle Terre, NY and select a liner yourself. Or you can make the smarter decision and schedule a free consultation with the Suffolk County professionals at Empire Pools. The experts will evaluate the condition of your current liner and provide honest and reliable advice. Should you need a replacement the team will advise you on the correct liner in addition to taking accurate pool measurements. You will also be helped with your selection of a liner color, thickness, pattern, and texture.

Empire Pools has been providing pool services for more than two decades in the Belle Terre, NY area. It’s an exceptional family run pool business that performs pool cleaning, pool repairs, pool maintenance, and pool liner replacement Belle Terre. Call 631-928-0225 today to schedule your free consultation and help with getting your swimming pool restored to tip-top condition.

Some information about Belle Terre, NY

Belle Terre is a village in the Town of Brookhaven on the North Shore of Long Island in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The population was 792 at the 2010 census.

The peninsula on which the community of Belle Terre is situated has been known as Mt. Misery since the 17th century. Before Belle Terre’s modern existence, the area was referred to as Mt. Misery Point. By comparison, the lower portion of the peninsula, which is currently a section of the neighboring village of Port Jefferson, was referred to as Mt. Misery Neck.

Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, the bulk of the peninsula was owned by the Strong family, who had their Oakwood estate in its Mt. Misery Neck section. The first known dwelling in contemporary Belle Terre was a shack constructed by an African-American affectionately known as Uncle Mott in the 1800s. This house was the subject of a painting by local artist William Moore Davis.

In 1902, the Port Jefferson Company purchased the Oakwood estate with the purpose of creating an exclusive waterfront development of fifty houses to rival the communities of Long Island’s traditional Gold Coast. The well-connected real-estate developer, Dean Alvord, was chosen as president of Belle Terre’s estates, which was incorporated in 1906. The construction of the Belle Terre Club, a grandiose private members club at the center of the community, also occurred in 1906. A pair of stately pergolas were constructed as well, which overlook the waterfront.

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Map of Belle Terre, NY

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