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Pool Vacuuming your Oakdale, NY Pool is an Important Step in the Pool Cleaning Process

If you think planning and selecting the perfect swimming pool for your Suffolk County home was a challenge, wait until you are ready to select the right pool vacuum. You see, there are many different types of pool vacuums at different price points. You not only want to find the model that meets your budget but you also want to find the model that will be the most effective for your type pool and pool size. Selecting the right pool vacuum ensures that your pool floor will be clear of dirt and debris.

Selecting a Pool Vacuum

As you do with any major equipment, do your research first. Read online reviews. Browse the vacuums in the local Suffolk County pool store. Take note of both the positive and negative comments about each vacuum model. Besides cost, three of the most important factors when selecting a pool vacuum are the following:

  • In-ground or above-ground pool
  • Size of pool
  • Shape of pool

There are specific vacuums for an in-ground pool as there are for above-ground pools. The size of your pool is important because you want to select a model that will vacuum the pool floor with ease. If your pool is on the smaller side, there’s no reason to purchase a large pool vacuum.

Larger pools require a bigger, more powerful pool vacuum. Also, consider the pool’s shape. You’ll want to choose a vacuum that can maneuver around corners without getting stuck.

Types of Pool Vacuums

There are many types of pool vacuums including manual and robotic. A manual cleaner takes longer to clean if you have a big pool. Vacuum heads attach to the end of a long pole while the pool owner pushes the pole back and forth across the pool’s floor and walls. A manual pool vacuum can actually be manually pushed into all corners of a pool to pick up dirt and debris.

Robotic pool vacuums are automatic and simply do the vacuuming for you. This type continuously skims the pool floor, cleaning and picking up any debris in its path. Some models even climb the walls. A robotic vacuum may come with a programmable timer. Robotic pool vacuums are available to run either by electric or battery.

Pressure-side vacuums use the filtration system’s water return line to power the vacuum. Suction-side vacuums use suction from the pool filter to vacuum the pool. These vacuums hook up to the suction side of the pump system mostly through the pool skimmer.

When selecting a pool vacuum, you need to calculate the hose length that you will need to cover the entire pool floor. Too much hose is not recommended because a tangled hose is inefficient. Keep in mind, not all pool vacuums have the ability to climb the pool walls.

When to Perform Pool Vacuuming

The removal of leaves, dirt and other debris floating in your pool is an important step in the pool cleaning process. Some of the debris floats to the pool water surface and can be easily removed using a skimmer net. However, most dirt simply sinks to the bottom of the pool and sits on the pool floor. This is when pool vacuuming is required. Vacuuming the pool floor helps to prevent algae growth and aid in keeping the pool water balanced. If you need help with swimming pool vacuuming and other pool maintenance, the team at Empire Pools is highly recommended among pool owners in Oakdale, NY.

What to Do After Pool Vacuuming?

After the pool vacuuming is complete, there will be leaves, twigs and other debris inside the pump strainer basket. You need to clear the skimmer and allow the water to run through it smoothly. The skimmer basket should be emptied at least once a week and more often if you have an overwhelming number of leaves and other debris floating in the pool. Large pieces of debris can actually clog the skimmer. If you see a reduced flow in the pool water, immediately check the skimmer. The more you empty it, the better.

After pool vacuuming and cleaning out the skimmer basket is a good time for the pool water to be chemically tested. Based on results, chemicals should be added to restore the proper balance of chlorine and adjust the pH level of the swimming pool water. If you need help with balancing your pool’s chemicals, the Empire Pools professionals provide weekly pool services in Oakdale, NY. The team will easily transform your pool water into the safe, clean and clear pool that you dreamed of.

Hiring A Pool Cleaning Team To Clean Your Pool in Oakdale, NY

A pool cleaning service in Suffolk County takes the burden of cleaning the pool off of the pool owner. Instead of just the one pool owner being responsible for skimming debris, pool vacuuming, brushing pool walls and handling other pool cleaning tasks, the professionals are a full team. Even further, the experts have the pool cleaning knowledge to make easy work out of maintaining your pool throughout the pool season.

Pool Vacuuming in Oakdale, NY

Most Suffolk County pool companies including Empire Pools, offer convenient and affordable cleaning plans. Popular packages include the opening and closing of pools each season in addition to pool cleaning throughout the rest of the year. A weekly cleaning routine is a good idea if your family enjoys daily swimming. Founded in 1998, Empire Pools is a family run business offering complete pool services and pool equipment repairs. Let these experts take over your pool cleaning chore including pool vacuuming.

With More Than 23 Years of Experience, Empire Pools is Equipped to Handle Your Pool Maintenance and Pool Vacuuming in Oakdale, NY

Pool vacuuming may seem like a simple task as part of pool maintenance but it is actually a vital part of keeping a pool running efficiently for years to come. In addition to selecting the right vacuum for your type and size of pool and monitoring the vacuum’s efficiency, there are other types of required pool maintenance that are better performed by a professional pool company in Oakdale, NY.

By hiring Empire Pools, you can rest assured that this family run business will provide top notch pool repairs, pool maintenance and pool cleaning in Oakdale NY. Call 631-928-0225 to schedule your free consultation to discuss pool vacuuming and other pool services with a Empire Pools expert.

Some information about Oakdale, NY

Oakdale is a hamlet in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The population was 7,974 at the 2010 census. Oakdale is in the Town of Islip. It has been home to Gilded Age mansions, the South Side Sportsmen’s Club, and the main campus of Dowling College. It is now home to Connetquot River State Park Preserve.

Oakdale was founded around two Native American trade routes, where Sunrise Highway and Montauk Highway currently lie. Oakdale was part of the royal land grant given to William Nicoll, who founded Islip Town in 1697. Local historian Charles P. Dickerson wrote in 1975 that Oakdale’s name appeared to come from a Nicoll descendant in the mid-19th century. The community includes: St. John’s Episcopal Church, built in 1765, is the third oldest church on Long Island.

The community originated with a tavern owned by Eliphalet (Liff) Snedecor in what is now Connetquot River State Park Preserve. Soon after its founding in 1820, Snedecor’s Tavern began drawing New York bluebloods and business barons who wined and dined in remote joy when they weren’t fishing and hunting nearby. ‘Liff’s food is as good as his creek’, a magazine writer declared in 1839 referring to the food and Connetquot River. The writer added: ‘and the two are only second to his mint juleps and champagne punch; whoever gainsays either fact deserves hanging without benefit of clergy.’

In 1866, as the railroad reached the area, Liff’s wealthy patrons formed the South Side Sportsmen’s Club, and soon the race was on to see who could create the most superb spread in the thick forests adjoining Great South Bay. The most prominent were built by William K. Vanderbilt, grandson of railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt; Frederick G. Bourne, president of the Singer Sewing Machine Co., and Christopher Robert II, an eccentric heir to a sugar fortune. Meanwhile, William Bayard Cutting, a lawyer, financier and railroad man, built his estate next door in Great River, New York which had once been west Oakdale.

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