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Save Money By Detecting A Pool Leak

If you think your pool may be leaking in Nassau County, NY |Suffolk County, NY, get in touch with us right away. Experts at Empire Pools Inc are skilled at both locating and fixing leaks. Regardless of whether you need a repair or a pool component replaced, we can assess your issue and determine the best course of action. Long-term savings will result from locating and fixing leaks!

Why Should You Schedule Leak Inspection?

Owning a swimming pool of your own requires proper pool upkeep. While your swimming pool may seem in good working order, there could be water leaks and other maintenance issues just below the water’s surface. You may acquire specialized pool leak detection services from a business in the Nassau County, NY |Suffolk County, NY area that provides pool maintenance. If a concealed water leak is discovered during your leak detection visit, our pool expert will be able to fix the problem safely.

  • Prevent Water Damage

The area around your pool deck and the adjacent surroundings may sustain severe damage if there is a water leak in your pool. If a leak is allowed to continue for a while, water can harm granite, marble, and other natural stones. You may be sure that a pool leak is not inadvertently inflicting material harm to your pool by scheduling leak detection services.

  • Prevention of Water Loss 

Most people are aware of how important it is to save water. There are various strategies to reduce water usage, from reducing the amount of lawn watering to making sure to turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth. An underground swimming pool with leaks is one of the major sources of water waste. 

A single leak can discharge hundreds of gallons of water into the earth each day, straining nearby water supplies. In some situations, you could even need to replenish your pool more frequently, which could result in higher water expenses. You can aid in preserving this most priceless resource by detecting leaks early.

  • Avoid Structural Damage 

Leaks can harm your pool’s structure in addition to causing water loss. In addition to weakening the supports holding up your pool, leaks might result in cracks in the walls or floor of your pool. These fissures can sometimes be fixed. The pool may need to be replaced entirely if the damage is severe, though. This is why it’s crucial to respond quickly.

Leak Detection Long Island, NY

Think your pool may be leaking?

If your pool leaks and you have an automatic fill device, it’s possible that weeks or even months will pass before you notice the water draining and refilling. The plumbing and filtration systems of the pool will certainly have to work harder to replenish the water lost; as a result, increasing your water bill up until the leak is found and properly fixed. Following are warning signs of a swimming pool plumbing leak: 

  • Lower water levels
  • Excessive water bills
  • More algae
  • More chemicals needed
  • Structural damage and cracks

Fast and accurate leak detection will ultimately save you a lot of money. Allow Empire Pools Inc to assist you with finding pool leaks!

Your Pool Leak Detection Expert

A pool leak can be challenging to diagnose and fix if you don’t know what you’re searching for. To stop a leak from getting worse, it’s crucial to contact a reputable pool repair firm. It may be challenging to locate an underground leak and may need assistance. The likelihood that a plumbing obstruction will widen and drive up the expense of necessary final repairs increases the longer a pool leak persists.


Call Empire Pools Inc’s pool repair experts in Nassau County, NY, and Suffolk County, NY, for pool leak detection right away to prevent your pool from turning into a dry well of wishes. It’s undoubtedly a leak, so don’t wait to call us immediately and save your pool if you’ve been wondering why your water bill has increased or if you’ve been buying more pool chemicals than usual.