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Protect Your Pool During the Off-Season with Empire Pools

Protect Your Pool During the Off-Season with Empire Pools

Empire Pools is a leading pool services company dedicated to providing high-quality pool care and maintenance services to our clients. We are proud to offer comprehensive pool closing services designed to protect your pool during the off-season, ensuring it stays in excellent condition and is ready for use when you reopen it in the spring.

Our experienced pool technicians understand the importance of proper pool maintenance. With our pool closing services, you can rest assured that your pool will be protected throughout the winter months, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Pool Cover in Fog

Winter Survival Guide for Your Pool: The Importance of Closing

Swimming pool closing is not just a seasonal chore; it’s an essential maintenance step that helps protect your pool from the harsh winter elements and ensures it remains in optimal condition. Here’s why investing in professional swimming pool closing services is a smart choice for Long Island pool owners:

Prevent Winter Damage

  • Long Island winters can be harsh, with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. Without proper winterization, your swimming pool’s plumbing and equipment can be vulnerable to damage. Our expert swimming pool closing services include draining the water to the appropriate level, blowing out the lines, and winterizing your pool equipment to shield it from the cold.

Protect Your Investment 

  • Your swimming pool is a significant investment, and neglecting it during the off-season can lead to costly repairs down the road. Our swimming pool closing services are designed to protect your investment by ensuring that your pool remains in great condition throughout the winter months.

Ensure Clean and Clear Water

  • Improperly closing your pool can lead to water quality issues when you reopen it in the spring. Our comprehensive swimming pool closing process includes thorough water testing and treatment to ensure your pool water remains clean and clear throughout the offseason.

Pool Closing Services
to Keep Your Pool in Excellent Condition

Empire Pools provides a range of high-quality pool closing services to meet Long Island pool owners’ needs during the off-season. The pool technicians on our team are dedicated to providing personalized service tailored to each client’s needs. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your swimming pool closing needs:


Winterization of Pool Equipment:

Our experienced technicians will winterize your pool equipment, including the filtration system, pumps, and heaters, to protect them from freezing temperatures. Proper winterization prevents costly equipment damage and ensures they function correctly when you reopen your pool.


Winter Swimming Pool Protection:

We take extra steps to protect your pool during the harsh Long Island winter. Our team will install winterization plugs, protect your pool’s skimmer and return lines, and provide additional winterization measures as needed.


Pool Cover Installation:

A high-quality pool cover is essential to keeping debris out of your pool and preventing water loss due to evaporation. We offer professional pool cover installation services, ensuring a snug fit that provides maximum protection for your pool.


Swimming Pool Chemical Balancing:

Maintaining proper water chemistry during the offseason is crucial to prevent algae growth and other water quality issues. We perform a complete water analysis and adjust the chemical balance to ensure your pool water remains crystal clear.


Pool Draining and Final Cleaning:

We start by carefully draining your pool to the appropriate level, removing debris, and thoroughly cleaning the pool surfaces. This step ensures that your pool is free from any contaminants before winterizing.

Our comprehensive pool closing services are designed to give you peace of mind knowing your pool is protected during the off-season.



Winterizing Your Pool Equipment: We will drain the water from your pool equipment and add antifreeze to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. We will also remove any accessories such as ladders, diving boards, or skimmer baskets.


Lowering Water Level: We will lower the water level in your pool to prevent damage from freezing temperatures and ensure that the pool cover stays in place.


Pool Cover Installation: We will install a high-quality pool cover to keep debris out of your pool and protect it from the elements. Our covers are durable and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Chemical Balancing: We will add the necessary chemicals to balance the pH level of your pool water and prevent algae and bacteria growth during the off-season.


Final Cleaning: We will perform a final cleaning of your pool to remove any debris or contaminants and ensure its readiness for the winter months.

backyard swimming pool with diving board and pool slide tarped up and closed down for winter

Schedule Your Swimming Pool Closing Service Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your swimming pool from the harsh Long Island winter. Contact Empire Pools today to schedule your swimming pool closing service. Our experienced team is dedicated to making sure your pool remains in pristine condition during the offseason.

At Empire Pools, we are committed to delivering the highest quality swimming pool closing services in Long Island, New York. Let us take care of your pool so you can enjoy a stress-free winter knowing that your investment is in expert hands. Contact us today to schedule your swimming pool closing service and experience the Empire Pools difference.

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Leak Detection Long Island, NY

Signs You May Need Pool Leak Detection

Pool leaks can lead to costly repairs and damage if not addressed promptly. To protect your investment, it’s essential to be aware of the common signs that may indicate a pool leak, including:

Unexplained water loss

  • If your pool’s water level drops more than 1/4 inch per day, it may be a sign of a leak. Some leaks may cause you to lose an inch of water every day!

Cracks or gaps in pool surfaces

  • Visible cracks or gaps in the pool’s plaster, tile, or decking can indicate potential leaks.

Wet spots around the pool

  • Soggy spots or standing water near the pool may be a result of a leak.

Visible tear in the pool liner

  • If you notice tears in your pool liner or pool wall, there is most likely a leak in that area where water is escaping.

Chemical imbalance

  • If you’re constantly adding chemicals to maintain your pool’s water balance, it may be due to a leak diluting the chemicals.