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Prepare Your Pool For The Off-Season

Is your pool prepared for the winter? 

A crucial aspect of pool maintenance is correctly closing your pool for the year. It helps guard your pool and equipment against freezing damage, maintains the quality of your water to reduce bacteria and algae growth, and aids in preventing stains on pool surfaces during the off-season. 

Empire Pools Inc will handle the task for you, whether you want someone to close your swimming pool for you or to dive deeper into how to close a pool in Nassau County, NY |Suffolk County, NY.

What Does Pool Closing Services Entail?

Nassau County, NY, and Suffolk County, NY, are the counties we provide pool closing services for. Empire Pools Inc is available if you need a trustworthy swimming pool business to close your pool for the winter.


Due to our dedication to professionalism, fair pricing, and customer service, we are glad to claim that our pool business has grown through referrals. Our friendly group of skilled pool specialists would be thrilled to close your pool. We offer the following pool closing services:


  • The Filter System’s Dismantling 
  • Blowing out all lines at the filter site and Plugging All Open Pipes 
  • Removing the cap from all return and skimmer lines 
  • Removing skimmer baskets, weirs, and return jets 
  • Taking Down the Auto-Vac System  
  • Adding winterization chemicals
  • Covering the pool

Importance of Proper Pool Closing

To safeguard your pool and make sure you can use it for many years to come, pool closing is crucial. No matter what pool you have, improper pool closing can leave it vulnerable to severe and expensive winter damage.

If you haven’t thought about closing your pool anytime soon, we urge you to contact Empire Pools Inc to schedule a qualified pool closing.

  • Protects your pool

It takes a significant financial commitment to build a pool. If you spent more money buying a house with a pool than one without it, or whether you paid to have the pool, you’ve invested a lot of money. You risk damaging pool equipment if you let the water inside it freeze without first draining it to a safe level. To be safely stored for the winter, you should take off any add-ons, attachments, and filters.

  • Keep your pool clean.

The majority of pool closing services start by balancing the chemicals in your water and then finish by thoroughly cleaning the pool of any debris or filth. In addition to keeping everything tidy, doing this will make your life simpler because, if you wait until spring to clean out your pool, most of this debris would be more challenging to remove. Furthermore, as all pool services are well aware, properly balancing your chemicals before closure will stop damage and discoloration on your pool liner.

  • Provides a sense of safety

There are a few controllable hazards that should be taken into consideration, even though a swimming pool is a pleasant, soothing, and thrilling addition to any backyard. Uncovered pools should never be used on a property if there are any young children or unskilled swimmers; take extra care to watch the youngsters outside playing. It’s best to shut the pool down over the winter to prevent mishaps and unintentional falls. The ideal choice is a cover made especially for your pool because it can be secured tightly.

Use Our Closing Services to Get Ready for Winter

The most reputable pool company in the country, Empire Pools Inc., has local proprietors who uphold the highest levels of customer care. Our regional specialists are qualified and licensed pool professionals. Because we consistently provide high-quality services, our clients in Nassau County, NY, and Suffolk County, NY, are confident they can rely on us.