To Do List:

Leave filter on for at least 24hrs to properly circulate chemicals added when pool was opened.

2) If pool opened green (common occurence for loop loc or any mesh safety cover ) Make sure pool filter is circulating the water at the proper rate. ( Do this by simply putting your hand in front of your return jet and feel if the jet stream is pushing strong.

3) If pressure from jet is weak than you will need to backwash your filter system. ( Most common with D.E. filter systems , but can also occur with sand filter systems.

4) Backwashing filter system for sand and D.E. systems.

(a) First turn off filter system.

(b) Unravel backwash hose to desired location (usually a blue hose )

(c) Turn multiport handle from the filter setting to the backwash setting.

(d) Turn back on filter and backwash the system. You should notice a small plastic or glass jar mounted on
the side of your mutiport .That is the site glass. When you see the water inside the jar clear up than
you are done backwashing the system.( Note if pool is green water will never turn clear in the site glass
so in that instance you would backwash for 4minutes )

(e) When done backwashing turn filter back off.

(f) Now turn mutiport handle back to the filter setting.

(g) Turn filter back on and roll up backwash hose.

(h) If you have a sand filter you are done. D.E. filters need to have the D.E. replaced do to backwashing removed the D.E. from the grids. To replace the D.E. go to the skimmer closests to the filter system. If you are unsure it is O.K. Adding D.E. to the wrong skimmer will not cause any harm to system.With the system running add one scoop of D.E. at a time waiting for each scoop to dissolve fully before adding the next. Most systems require 4 scoops. Check owners manual or the side of your filter canister for the chart which tells you how much D.E. to add if unsure.

(i) After adding D.E. your are done with the backwashing process.

(j) Monitor filter system until pool is clear if opened green.

(k) Repeat as needed each time you notice filter system is running slower than the norm.

(l) If you notice you are constantly backwashing the system or you notice the D.E. cycling back into the pool. Be sure to call ASAP for a service appt. because a repair would be needed to correct those problems.

(m) One more quick note. If you are constantly adding chemicals to your pool and constantly backwashing call for service ASAP. Adding chemicals will only waste your money and never get your pool clear. The filter system needs service and adding chemicals and backwashing will not solve the problem it will only add to the expense! The filter is responsible for up to 85% of the clarity of the water. Most people are under the assumption that the chemicals are what keeps the water in the pool clear.

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