Polaris 480 PRO

All new design and engineering delivers high end style with power and performance. Sleek and Sporty, with flashy, translucent housing, the Polaris 480 PRO defines a new generation of pool cleaners. With 4 powerful vacuum jets, a super-sized jet drive, and a large capacity intake, the Polaris 480 PRO delivers professional grade performance.

The Polaris 480 PRO comes equipped with a zippered, all purpose bag, 3 disposable bags, in-line filter screen and a customized license plate. The Polaris 480 has under 20 parts. Modular part replacement makes repairs a snap! This pool cleaner is made for the discriminating customer who wants something really different in their pool.

Climb and Cleans walls and many steps
No sweeping or vacuuming and less cleaning of pump baskets and filters
Saves up to 33% on pool Chemicals
Hundreds of dollars a year on Electricity and Water costs 
Extended life of your pump and filter The sweep hose removes algae and chemical deposits 
Picks up debris and the sweep loosens and cleans debris out of hard to reach places
Great Durability and Long-life

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