Polaris 360

Want the same Polaris cleaning style without the added purchase and energy cost of a booster pump?  Then the Polaris 360 is for you.  It mimics its Big Brother,  the Polaris 380 and offers the same three wheel icon-design and pressure-wash performance.   Double-Jet's aerate the pool and sweep even embedded debris, such as dirt and even algae off the walls and floor of the pool, capturing much of it in the attached filter bag.  The rest goes into the main filter.

And like the other robotic pool cleaners, it cleans virtually any surfaced  pool (vinyl-lined, gunite, concrete, pebble tech, fiberglass, etc.)  and provides full pool coverage, INCLUDING WALLS.  The 360 with its two-jet construction will literally blast embedded dirt, debris and algae from all the pool's surfaces, much of it being captured in the sturdy attached filter bag.

It reduces electricity, chemical and pool maintenance costs.  This durable underwater creature is built to last and is virtually Maintenance-Free. 

We recommend this model for virtually ANY inground pool.

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