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Swimming Pool Filters Come In Many Varieties

Installing and repairing pool filters

You must maintain and inspect the filter system regularly in order to keep the water at your pool in the best possible condition. The filter might need to be serviced or replaced if your pool appears cloudy. You can upgrade your pool with any part from the major brands. That’s why you need swimming pool filters from Empire Pools.

Filters used in swimming pools can be classified as diatomaceous earth, sand, or cartridges. It is true that each type of filter has its own advantages and disadvantages, but each one is effective to some extent. Understanding how each works and its advantages and disadvantages help you choose the right swimming pool filter for your situation.

The sand filter

The most common type of filter is the sand filter, which is inexpensive, easy to understand, and easy to use. However, they are still incredibly popular despite their ineffectiveness and inability to filter water to the tiniest possible micron. Most swimming pool filters are made from sand. Sand is pressed through the filter as pool water is drawn into it. Water particles are filtered through the sand.
The filtered water returns to the pool after it has been passed through the sand filter. Sand pool filters can either be back washed or if the sand becomes exceedingly dirty, it can be replaced with new sand. This is an inexpensive and easy way to clean a sand pool filter. Sand filters have the main disadvantage that some particles are returned to the water after they pass through. In addition, sand filters consume more water over time since they must be back washed repeatedly.
Swimming Pool Filters

Using cartridge filters

Other types of filters include cartridge filters. By filtering water through the filtering material, this swimming pool keeps clean. By capturing particles, the filtering materials restore clean water to the pool. Pool owners commonly use cartridge filters. The most popular filter for a saltwater pool is the cartridge filter since it does not require the pool to be back washed, so no saltwater is back washed into the land. The water filtered by cartridge filters is also much clearer than the water filtered by sand filters.
There is some maintenance required for a cartridge filter. The filter is less effective when it becomes clogged with debris. A swimming pool filter should be removed and sprayed down with water at least twice during the swimming season. To ensure optimum performance, Empire Pools recommends that the filters be cleaned regularly. We will be happy to perform this service for you.

A DE filter

A swimming pool filter that uses diatomaceous earth is the last type. A fossilized diatom exoskeleton is called diatomaceous earth. Mined from the earth, the material is used for many purposes. Because DE swimming pool filters filter to the finest micron, they are considered to be of the highest quality.
Grids are located within the housing of a DE water filter. The grids inside the housing are coated with diatomaceous earth. Diatoms act as little sieves, removing microscopic particles. Diatomaceous earth can filter debris as small as 5 microns.