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Storage Steps

Spa Cover Lifts




Storage Steps

The top step folds back to reveal a large storage space.
Perfect for towels, chemicals, or even fill it with ice and sodas!

Available in two colors to match the cabinet of your spa. These measure 54"x24"x14" with 11" planters
(137cm x 61cm x 35 1/2cm with 28 cm planters.)


Spa Cover Lifts
CoverMate is the industry's #1 name in cover lifts adding ease
and simplicity in the handling and storage of spa covers.

Better Materials
CoverMates are made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant
aluminum tubing.

Better Coatings

All CoverMates are coated with our exclusive two-part powder coating process to ensure years of trouble-free performance.

Finishing Touches

Black screw and bolt caps provide a finished look that
protects and beautifies.

User Friendly

Foam grips provide comfortable handling in hot or cold weather.

Sleek, low profile, ergonomic look compliments any spa.

Easy to Use
Even the smallest of spa users can operate with ease.

Space Efficient
As little as 10" clearance behind the spa is needed. Fits up to 8' spa.

Simple Design
Proven to be absolutely trouble-free, with only one moving
part and a built-in stop mechanis

pa Colors

Spa Models
Texton XLS
Ciara XLS
Tigra XLS

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