At Empire Pools we realize you want your pool to be fun, not work. That's why we offer a variety of swimming pool services to make your life a little easier.

Some of our Services include:

Summerizing Pool Service
Removal of cover, folding and storing
Reinstalling all deck equipment (Ladders, Hand Rails & Diving Board)
Adding of summerization chemicals
Hooking up the filter system
Starting the full pool system
Connecting heaters and auto-vac systems
Reinstalling skimmer baskets and weirs
Reinstalling return jets

*Customer must fill the pool to the middle of the skimmers or higher, and must remove all water and leaves off water bag covers. (Does not pertain to Loop-Loc covers)

Winterizing Pool Service*
Dismantling the filter system
Plugging of all open pipes at filter site
Blowing out all lines
Capping off all return lines and skimmer lines
Removal of skimmer baskets, weirs and return jets
Removal of auto-vac system (if equipped)
Cleaning of grid assembly or cartdrige
(D.E. systems only)
Adding of winterization chemicals
Covering the pool

*Customer is responsible for lowering of pool water PRIOR TO CLOSING on ALL LOOP LOC COVERS ONLY . Water level should be lowered 12 to 18 inches from top of skimmer face plate.

* Winterizing heater is additional $40 not included with winterizing pool.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Service
Vacuum pool
Clean out strainer baskets
Check Filters
Test Water
Chemicals included in weekly maintenance for contract customers only
Starting at $45.00 + Tax (Weekly)

Leak Detection Service Includes:
Check skimmers
Pressurize All Lines
Check underwater lights (if any)
Check waterfalls (if any)
Starting at $200.00 + Tax

Diving Service
Main Drain
Underwater lights (if any)
Starting at $225.00 per hr. + Tax

General Service

Installations (Planters, Waterfalls & Accessories)
Loop-Loc Safety Covers
Baby-Loc Safety Fences
Auto-Vac Systems, above and in-ground
Heat Pumps
Liner Changes, above and in-ground
Slides, Diving Boards, Ladders and Handrails
Above water and underwater lighting
Pool Alarms
Replacement of underground lines, skimmers & returns
Light Niches
Coping. new and old
Full filter systems replacements (sand & D.E.)
Electrical Services by licensed electrician
Starting at $95 + Tax per hour for labor

Seasonal Pool Maintenance Service
Summerizing Service
Winterizing Service
Weekly Maintenance Service with chemicals
Balancing of water
Cleaning all debris from skimmer baskets
Backwashing of system as needed
Starting at $1100.
Packages for more information.


Now offering packages that take the worry out of your pool care. From your opening to closing, and all the weeks in between, your pool will be ready for you to enjoy. Now accepting credit cards for contract customers that make servicing your pool even easier!

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