Close Your Commerial Pool with a LOOP-LOC Safety Cover

It's a great way to keep your facility safe...and to save money!

Here Are The Reasons Why:

You'll save big on water and maintenance costs

A super-strong LOOP-LOC safety cover makes your pool "child-proof," reduces risk of accidents and lawsuits, and may even lower your liability insurance premium

Extend the life of your pool, by reducing the need for repainting and replastering

Keep your deck safe for activities, even when your pool is closed or unsupervised

Reduce the need to dispose of chlorine and chemically treated water - an environmental hazard that many states are in the process of regulating

A LOOP-LOC cover is so durable, it's backed by an exclusive 12-year Limited Warranty

And a LOOP-LOC looks great . . . a whole lot better than a dangerous, empty, debris-filled pool!

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